Life Hacks Girl DIY! 10 MAKE GIRL BEAUTY TIPS TRICK FOR Women 5 minute crafts #258

Life Hacks Girl DIY! 10 MAKE GIRL BEAUTY TIPS TRICK FOR Women 5 minute crafts #258

If you are looking for a new look to try now that the new year has started and you would like to do that on a budget, then look no further than this video compilation we have for you. We demonstrate great ways to help you get a new refreshed look and that will boost your confidence and help you get back on track with yourself care. Watch our whole video to discover many different ways to wear your makeup, create your own push-up bra, take perfect Instagram photos and many more.

– How to make your own push-up bra.
We understand the struggle of having a beautiful dress that you want to wear but not having the proper bra that complements your body. So in the first clip, we saw you how to turn your regular bra into a beautiful push-up bra that you wear with any top or dress that you wish to. You simply take some thread and see the middle of the bra together horizontally just as we demonstrate in the video. Then you pull the thread to make it tight and voila.

– You can make your pants a smaller size by trying out this little hack we have for you. Take two hair ties and run them through your belt pockets all the way to the central button from the left side. Then, again do the same but this time from the right side and voila. This one is great to wear with a longer tacked in-t-shirt in any formal or informal occasions.


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