Jeans & Fashion Tips 101

Jeans & Fashion Tips 101

Welcome to Hollywood Makeover! How would you like to look like you belong on a Hollywood red carpet without spending a Hollywood price tag? Join Alan Webster and her team of experts as they show you how. All of the tips and tricks to give YOU the Hollywood Makeover.

About Alana:
Hello lovely! My name is Alana J. Webster, aka the Renegade of Fun. I’m a native Angeleno with a passion for fashion, art, and a never-ending desire to live a fun-filled life. The name of my blog is a homage to my style icon Africa Bambaataa, and my favorite band Rage Against the Machine who covered Bambaataa’s song “Renegade of Funk” way back when!

Renegade of Fun was started as I was producing and hosting a fashion show called “Hollywood Makeover,” which was all about achieving a Hollywood look with a non-Hollywood Budget. On the show, we dealt with topics such as: dressing from AM to PM, how to shop vintage, print-clashing, unisex dressing, hair and makeup trends, fragrance mixing, and DIY beauty treatments. As I was creating segments for the show, I soon realized that my zest for imparting my fashion knowledge was something I wanted to continue doing once the cameras stopped rolling. I also wanted to integrate my love of art. I believe one inspires the other, so why not put both in one blog?

My fashion philosophy is simple: Fashion for the FUN of it. Let go of dressing to impress (so stressful). Instead, dress to express the most authentic, unapologetic version of yourself (so fun)! My art philosophy is: See as much as possible with an open mind and an open heart.

The goal of this blog is to create a comfortable, non- fashion or art elitist cyber safe space where the fashion-forward and those fearful of fashion can co-mingle in harmony. No one is “too cool” or “too uncool”. Everyone is welcome here. Kick back, relax, subscribe, and stay a while!

Let the art inspire you. Let the fashion inspire you. Hopefully you leave feeling stoked about getting dressed, and ready to check out all the art your neighborhood has to offer.


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