Instant Facelift ~ Contour A Fat Face ~ Look Younger W/ Makeup ~ Face Makeup Placement

Instant Facelift ~ Contour A Fat Face ~ Look Younger W/ Makeup ~ Face Makeup Placement

Ever wish you had high cheekbones? Or ever think about having a facelift? Contouring with Makeup could be all you need to achieve a more lifted looking face & look younger. Come and learn the very easy way to contour your face and place contour, blush and highlight on your cheeks to look thinner and look younger. I hope you enjoy this easy tutorial. xoxo

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Products Mentioned:
Sephora Collection Contour Palette
Clinique Blush in Heather Pop
NYX DuoChromatic Highlighter in Lavender Steele
ELF small stipple brush
Wet n Wild Flat Contour Brush
It Cosmetics Angled Blush Brush
Nasey Fan Makeup Brush

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Info about me: I’m 50 years old. I have very dry skin in winter & normal in summer.
My skin concerns are age spots, wrinkles, lip lines, dry skin, uneven skin tone, and shedding from Retin A.
Skin undertone is neutral leaning towards cool.
Skin tone is light in winter; light/medium in summer.
I like lightweight full coverage Foundation.
I have deep purple circles under my eyes.
Hair Color: L’Oreal Preference Light Ash Blond Home Hair color

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