Industry backs furniture export crackdown:

Industry backs furniture export crackdown:

New Zealand’s business community appears to be backing legislation that will outlaw foreign-made furniture from being exported in NZ. In a policy paper published last night, the business sector’s advocacy group, the New Zealand Business Council, has recommended that NZ exports of certain furniture should be subject to scrutiny in relation to sourcing and content, as outlined by a Cabinet Office document. Foreign-made furniture is estimated to create as many as 5,600 job losses for New Zealand. It’s believed to be the third sector affected by this policy, after clothing and footwear. Foreign-made furniture, which is currently banned in the UK, could potentially be exported if the UK Parliament passes a bill that sets out requirements for the importing country to undertake an “adequate and prompt” audit to ensure it is complying with its trade obligations. The ministry has provided no further explanation as to why these 파라오 카지노measures are not already in place for export. The Government’s policy paper comes on the heels of similar moves across the world which have raised questions about the extent to which furniture manufacturing is being outsourced across the world, with some countries including Mexico and China claiming they have found large amounts of foreign furniture and furniture products as well as a significant amount of overseas labour in their supply chains. According to the OECD, foreign-made furniture accounted for over 15% of the total furniture imports in the UK in 2012 and is considered one of the largest categories of exports by EU countries. The policy paper warns that if this is indeed the case, it may force major producers to leave the해운대출장마사지ir own products on the market, and could reduce the competitiveness of UK goods, potentially reducing the amount that can be bought, sold and traded across international borders. The policy paper calls for the Treasury to use its legislative power in 2015 to review the status of exports of foreign-made furniture under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2006 if it finds that “a high proportion”아산출장샵 of the domestic production of the product is done in foreign countries. The legislation does not contain any specific specific requirements for inspection and authorisation. A Treasury spokesman said that the Government had consulted on the idea but there had been no formal formal consultation on the issue.

Worth mentioning: I have just heard from a former friend who worked for a major furniture producer in Asia.

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