I Fixed My Damaged Curls in 21 DAYS | Hair Journey Series Ep. 2

I Fixed My Damaged Curls in 21 DAYS | Hair Journey Series Ep. 2

I killed my curls… Bleaching and straightening turned my hair to straw. After years of damage, I was fed up, and was willing to do anything to fix heat damaged curly hair. In 21 days I was able to turn my dead, lifeless curls and revive them to give them new life! This is my healthy curly hair journey with pictures to show the transformation!

This is episode 2 of my curly hair journey series, so make sure you get on the playlist here to see the entire journey!

*This video is not sponsored. I paid for all products in this video myself*

My typical curly hair routine involves washing with DevaCurl’s No Poo, DevaCurl’s One Condition, and styling with DevaCurl’s Styling Cream. For my full Curly Hair Routine, you can see the video here:

I messed up. Every day I abused my hair to the point that it was like straw. But after years of experimenting, I feel like I am close to having my curly hair looking how I want and want to share my experiments with you that I’m doing every week. I’m sharing my curly hair journey, curly hair routines, tutorials, and product reviews every Thursday and Saturday.

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