How To Wear Jeans | Favorite Highwaisted Denim | Style Tips | Fashion Nova Jeans

How To Wear Jeans | Favorite Highwaisted Denim | Style Tips | Fashion Nova Jeans

This video is about How To Wear Jeans | Favorite Highwaisted Denim | Style Tips | Fashion Nova

Let’s talk about some jeans. A good pair a jeans is not always an easy thing to find. Over the years I have tried so many name brands and jean styles. I realized that my favorite jeans are highwaisted jeans.

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I love high waisted jeans because I have a long torso. Having a long torso means that I have a good amount of space between my chest and hips. I love how highwaisted jeans look on my body. I just feel like they are super flattering and make me feel sexy. The best part of jeans with a high waist is that my thong / Underwear doesn’t show when I sit down.

Jeans are a staple and should be in everyone’s closet. All of my Favorite jeans all have this in common:

High waisted Jeans
Affordable ( some I got on sale )
Comfortable (not saggy and stretchy)

Jeans Mentioned: (some of these are older jeans that are no longer available) I want to share with you my favorites to give you some style and fashion ideas and inspire you to dress the way you like how you like.

H&M grey. I love the fit on these. I feel like the fit my body so well.

Zara green/khaki and Blue. I love the slit on the knees and the hem. These jeans are an ankle cut jeans meaning that they don’t go past the ankle. The style tip I have for my shorter cuties is that wearing an ankle cut elongate the leg.

Guess cropped jeans polka dots and flower print. These jeans will be the most perfect cut for my shorter cuties as well because Its cropped and doesn’t make the pants look too long and shrinking the legs.

Fashion nova jeans Blue denim and blue with yellow stitching. These jeans by fashion nova have to be the most perfect high waisted jeans I have ever worn or owned. I love everything about these jeans. They are such good quality and very comfortable.

These are the only ones that are still available for purchase so I included the name and link for these if you are interested.

Super High Waist Denim Skinnies – Indigo

Classic High Waist Skinny Jeans – Dark

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