how to tame your FRIZZY hair

how to tame your FRIZZY hair

since you guys wanted to know how I do my hair I decided to make a nice lil informational video for u all 😉 ps. click here to check out function of beauty: (Available in the US, GB, EU, CA, AUS, and NZ only) Function of Beauty makes unique personalized hair care that is vegan and cruelty-free!!

*scroll down for my haircare Q&A*

could i ever be loved feat. little kumari (Prod. Seany OWE)


^ if you buy this blowdryer make sure to switch the wattage w/ a screwdriver to make it powerful enough!!

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Common Questions (Q&A):
Is your hair dyed/how did you dye your hair?
My hair was dyed last October (balayage with cool toned blonde on bottom 3/4 of hair)!

Do you take hair vitamins?
Not specifically, but I do take a multivitamin! I use DEVA vegan multivitamins: or Care/of:

How often do you style/blow dry your hair?
I usually shower 3x a week & style it 2 out of those 3 times! If I don’t style it, I leave it natural or wear it in dutch pigtail braids! You can see how I braid my hair here:

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