How To Take Care of Raw Indian Hair | GlamMore

How To Take Care of Raw Indian Hair | GlamMore

Hey My Loves! In this video I take 15 month old bundles sent to me from a customer, who wanted to get a wig made, and show you how to take care of your raw hair at home. The bundles in this video is my raw Indian hair…honestly I didn’t ask the customer if she had recently taken a sew in down or not, and I was aware that this was her first time having raw hair. Taking car of raw hair isn’t as difficult as people say, maybe a couple of extra steps in comparison to processed hair, but not many. Always keep the hair moisturized, always pay attention to the ends, use products that protect the hair from heat, like heat therapy when using heating tools, and leave in conditioner and oil are your best friends! Product build up is a HUGE NO-NO, be sure to always rinse all of the product from hair…and if you’ve been putting lots of products on the hair….you should clean the hair when needed! Hook up with a stylist that knows how to take care of raw hair or is very good at styling natural hair clients hair…. I hope that this video was helpful…MUAHHHHH!


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