HOW TO STAY WARM AS A GOTH || 4 Winter Fashion Tips for Goths || How to stay Warm and Stylish

HOW TO STAY WARM AS A GOTH  || 4 Winter Fashion Tips for Goths || How to stay Warm and Stylish

4 WINTER FASHION TIPS FOR GOTHS 💀 How to Stay Warm and Stylish in the Winter ⛄ How do you wear Gothic clothing in the winter without freezing to death? Wearing alternative fashion in the winter can be challenging. Sometimes, it is easier to sacrifice your style for warmth and comfort. But LUCKILY…. you DON’T have to wear brightly colored ugly jackets from sporting goods stores to avoid freezing your tail off. No. You CAN wear Gothic Clothing or ANY form of alternative fashion in the winter. Want to know the secret? Watch this video! Additional tips and tricks will also be included below, as will links to products, stores and more videos!

❄ Wear Thermal Clothing! This includes socks, pants/leggings and even long sleeved shirts. These will help trap your heat and keep it from escaping. And the best news of all for my fellow Goths? Thermal clothing can be found in black!!!



❄ Keep hand-warmers in your pockets and put foot-warmers (or hand-warmers) in your boots. This is a trick I learned from one of the recess teachers I used to work with. Put your hands in your pockets when you need some extra warmth.


❄ Buy high-quality winter boots (Baffin is a GREAT brand) and “Goth them out.” Paint them black. Sew (or glue with E6000) chains, belt buckles, charms and extra fabric to them. Make them suit your style. You can also wear fashion boots and shoes in some cases (see hand-warmer tip above), but there are times when boots with heavy insulation are a must!


❄ Take care of your body! Food will give your body energy. Processing that food creates heat! So, make sure you are properly fueling your body so it can keep that internal flame burning. Also, drinking hot (or warm) beverages will help warm you up. Hot water and teas are my favorite, but you do you! Movement (also known as exercise) will help generate heat as well.


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