How to Sculpt a Gel Nail on Natural Nails with IBD

How to Sculpt a Gel Nail on Natural Nails with IBD

IBD GEL Refill Video on Natural Nails:
Here is one way to sculpt a Clear Gel Nail using a form . I will show you all in future videos how to do the french white gel as well.. I just wanted to give you all a basic idea of how to build up the nail with clear gel. Stay tuned for future gel nail videos.
I used all IBD gels and you can find these on amazon or sally beauty supply
Here is a video on UV lamps versus LED lamps. Everything you need to know about which lamp to use with which gel . Click the link below to see more:

Do you want to learn more about gel nails? Check out my playlist below for more helpful educational gel nail tutorials:
Many ask about the Heat spike on gels. Here is an explanation in a nutshell.
Its called heat spike” and is an exothermic reaction. For example one ingredient that changes how a gel cures is called photoinitiators. The initiator is triggered by the activator; Ultra Violet Light Energy. Photoinitiators (PIs) are light sensitive and decompose into free radicals to start the polymerization process. PIs absorb UV light and convert it into the energy needed to drive the polymerization (curing process). In general, the more PIs there are in a formula, the faster the cure. High amounts of PIs can cause excessive exotherms which will heat up on the clients’ nails (some gels have a higher level of Pls in them thus the more intense burn .) But.this is especially uncomfortable for the clients whose natural nails have been damaged by excessive filing.The thicker the gel is applied the more PIs are present in that layer and the higher the temperature of the exothermic reaction. Thinner layers of UV gel cure more thoroughly and create less heat while curing.
The right balance between the photo initiator and UV lamp is needed to achieve the perfect balance.The intensity of UV light and the duration of the UV exposure is key. Placing the clients hand just outside the light UV lamp for 20 seconds at a time helps reduce the heat spike effect. Than you can place your entire hand in the UV lamp for the remainder of the time. Gels cure in a 36 watt lamp in 3 minutes so make sure the nails are fully cured before you cleanse the dispersion layer.

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