How to Loop your Belt in different ways – Women's Fashion Tips

How to Loop your Belt in different ways – Women's Fashion Tips

In this episode of Style Box, we show how women’s belts can become the hero of your look. Find out new ways of knotting your belt and have fun dressing up.

How to Loop Women’s Belts in different ways

The Double Roll – Take a belt and buckle it. Once done, take the hanging end of the belt and loop it multiple times into the tucked section of the belt.

The Classic Knot – Buckle the belt and loop it downside first and then put the loose end into the space between the buckle and the loop to form a knot.

The Loop – After buckling the belt, loop the loose end of the belt into the tucked in section and then into the buckle again.

The Bow – To make a bow shape with your belt, run the loose end of the belt through the buckle twice.

That’s all. With these looping techniques, even the simplest looking women’s belts can now get a striking makeover.

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