How to Grow your Hair FAST! ♡ Natural Curly Hair with Heat Damage! – Lana Summer

How to Grow your Hair FAST! ♡ Natural Curly Hair with Heat Damage! – Lana Summer

Hi my lovelies! This is my how to grow your hair video! Well, this is how I did it, I grew long luscious hair really quickly and fast! If you would like to see more videos, with more detail, on anything I mentioned, then please ask!! I can show you my heatless hair styles, including heatless curls, straightening your hair without heat, twist outs, my favourite at the moment is the 3 strand twist. There also lots of products that I use, including coconut oil and some from the dark n lovely, or ORS (organic root stimulator) line. Some quick info: I am a mixed race girl and I have naturally curly hair, (this is also a kind of natural hair journey for me!) I used to straighten my hair ALL the time, and dye my own hair too, it was very damaged so I had to cut a lot off 🙁 But it bounced back! If I start to make more youtube videos, I will be making beauty and fashion, also food videos. It will probably be vegetarian and vegan meals and treats 🙂 My favourite YTers atm are Macbarbie, Calljadahdoll, Clothesencounters, Uglyfaceofbeauty, Zoella, Andreaschoice, Pixiwoo, HelloKaty. I have recently bought lots of clothes so am thinking of doing a spring fashion haul. I also really love funny videos!! I LOVE nigahiga and have a bit of a crush on Ryan Higa 😛 Jennamarbles is also hilarious! I couuuuld attempt a funny video if you want but I’m more awkward than funny, so it could end badly haha. I have pets though so if you would like to see them it could be a funny cat video or a funny dog video because my animals are comedians on the animal planet. Warning I am a bit weird and shy, and talking to people publicy is a bit alien to me, so I am quite nervous to do these videos. I guess you could call me anxious. I have been suffering with anxiety over the past few years. I didn’w know what it was at first, I thought there was something medically wrong with me but the doctors kept saying I was fine and that I just needed to slow down and not work so hard. It has been really horrible, but hopefully doing youtube will help me to overcome it, and I may be making a “How to deal with your anxiety video” at some point. ANYWAYS. Enjoy the video. Don’t forget to comment if you need anything, and like if you like!! 🙂
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