How to Grow Longer Hair Faster, Easy Tips | Tressmerize

How to Grow Longer Hair Faster, Easy Tips | Tressmerize

Today I share my top tips on how to grow long hair faster and longer.
I’ve been on this growing healthy hair journey for 6 years now. And when I look more in depth of what has helped me grow a healthy and long hair, there’re definitely patterns or you could call it a hair routine that I follow that I think has made me grow a healthy and long hair.

1. Find a hairstylist that understands your needs
Having a hairstylist that understands you and your goal with your hair is very important when you’re growing out your hair. I’ve had the same stylist for past 5 years and this is the longest and the healthiest my hair has been. When I go to color my hair which is 2x a year. If she asks me for a trim. I’ll ask her do I really need it. If she feels that I don’t need a trim she’ll tell me we don’t have to do it this time. I know that many pro’s suggest trim every 4-8 weeks, but if you don’t need a trim why trim it.

2. Get a Trim
Now, getting a trim is important but that is on your trim pace. And your hairstylist will help you determine when you need a trim. Trimming your hair isn’t going to make your hair grow faster but it will keep it healthier. If you get split ends and you don’t cut them right away, they can travel up your hair shaft causing more damage.
3. Be Patient
Hair doesn’t grow over night so don’t expect that your hair is going to magically grow in few months. You only get half an inch of hair growth per month and that is only if your hair is super healthy. So be patient and have this be your long term goal. This is me 6 years ago. I know when you’re in this situation, it’s hard to be patient and you’d want that hair overnight.

4. Get Alternative Hair
I honestly think that wigs helped me keep it together 6 years ago when I shaved my head. And then later switching to Tressmerize hair extensions and hair topper helped me go through those awkward stages while growing out my hair. And that is because this awkward stage can last for about 18 months. Now I know why I could never go through it before and I’d always go to the hair stylist and have her chop it off. This is the first time that I let my hair grow and not touch it, I never even knew that my hair could grow this long.

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