How to get Long hair FAST!

How to get Long hair FAST!


Here are a few more things to Keep in mind when taking care of your hair.

It is great to provide the best for your hair in order for its healthy life so below are a few more factors.

1.) Stay away from heat as much as you possibly can. Be a trend setter and rock you natural beautiful hair. Embrace your hair.

2.) Typically people think dry hair needs moisture and that’s not always the case; sometimes hair needs a boost in protein. If you have chemically treated hair that has become brittle and snaps easily then you could probably benefit from protein treatments.

3.) Ponytail holders are not the same thing as rubber bands. Rubber bands cling to the hair and tear it during removal. Ponytail holders that have metal on them do the same thing a rubber band does. Only use ponytail holders that are considered “ouchless” as these have no metal or harsh materials.

4.) If you really want healthy hair then you are going to need to get used to living without chemicals. That means hairspray, gel, mousse, perms and hair dye. These things are extremely bad for the health of your hair. If you must dye your hair then try switching to something like henna, buxus or cassia. Learn to love your natural hair as it was intended.

5.) Stop Using the fryer, I mean dryer.
– A blow dryer is the worst, meanest thing you can do to your hair. Every time you turn on the blow dryer you are taking for granted that you have hair. Heat is never a good thing for hair especially when it is in such a highly concentrated amount. Why not just set it on fire?

6.) Braiding is meant to keep your hair from getting damaged by outside forces such as snags from watch bands or tangles caused by a windy day. On days you don’t plan to go anywhere braid your hair. When you are doing chores, braid your hair. When you sleep, braid your hair. You’ll be surprised at how fast your hair grows when you keep it braided all the time.

7.) Brushing your hair not only strips out the natural oils but it also rips and tears through the strands. Never use a hair brush unless it is absolutely necessary. It is best to use a wide tooth comb to detangle your tresses and then leave it alone. The more you handle your hair the more you will damage it.

8.) Manage your stress. “Stress causes the release of cortisol and other hormones that contribute to hair thinning,”
massage your scalp for 10 minutes before you go to bed.

I hate this one, but it really does work! Make your last rinse cold, and it will seal the hair follicles and give you shiny, healthy and bouncy hair. It’s amazing!

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