How To Dress Well For Men | Men's Fashion & Style Tips | T-shirt mistakes

How To Dress Well For Men | Men's Fashion & Style Tips | T-shirt mistakes

How To Dress Well For Men | Men’s Fashion & Style Tips by Sirhud Kalra

Namaste guys, welcome to how to dress well for men in india here we shall introduce everyone to some basic style tips for men. This the first men’s fashion tips video I’m putting up on our channel so gear up to learn something new as yu probably are not aware that you’re doing this
Indian Men’s fashion as well as globally is something that is not paid enough attention to , guys just don’t put enough effort into their male dressing sense.

I’m bringing you my first Men’s fashion & style tips video. These are my top 3 tips on how to dress well for men, especially in india – 3 mistakes to avoid when it comes to men’s tops!

Hope you like these style & fashion tips for boys.

Men’s Fashion and style is going to get a classy and formal upgrade soon! Keep watching this space to learn more about how to dress well and masculine style that comes from my own self development as a man.

In this video, I share with you my own sense of men’s fashion and men’s style – which is more of a formal, classy and mature masculine style kind of look. I recommend that you stop wearing round neck t shirts as you’re probably doing that a lot, just like me before I learnt how to dress well. I recommend polo tshirts because they are more classy as well as show that you know how to dress well as a man.

These men’s fashion tips are especially applicable for Indian men as I have been in India for the majority of my life and I do not think we know how to dress well as men over here – and we have great potential to improve our dressing sense and style as Indian men. Hopefully after this men’s style video as well as those that I am about to make on fashion for guys, every Indian male would know ho to dress well as a man.

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