How to Do Makeup for Almond Eyes | Professional Technique for Makeup on Almond Eyes | Youtube 2017

How to Do Makeup for Almond Eyes | Professional Technique for Makeup on Almond Eyes | Youtube 2017

In this video, I will teach you one of many ways to do makeup specifically for almond eyes. Almond-shaped eyes are one of the easiest eye shapes because almost any makeup technique works on them. In this video, you will first find out whether you have almond eyes following these tips. Then you will discover an exciting way to make your almond eyes pop. Let your eyes shine bright by highlighting how naturally beautiful they are.


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Disclaimer: The products that I use in my videos are ones that I personally recommend and have purchased at my own expense. Tried and true makeup brands, I believe they are worth the expense because not only have I used them for myself but have also tested them on my friends and models to create stunning looks.

When it comes to choosing products, it really depends on your skin type and how you are applying them. Therefore, I can’t guarantee that a particular product will work for you. If you are concerned about a product, please consult a skin expert. It is always possible to be unknowingly allergic to an ingredient, even if you are very careful!


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