How to do a french tuck like a pro! Fashion tips and hacks

How to do a french tuck like a pro! Fashion tips and hacks

So you have probably heard the word French tuck a lot more lately! I know I certainly have, but the funny thing (well, for me) is I was doing it all along, though I called it a half tuck. The reason I always do the tuck is I personally feel a little wider in my hips, butt, and thighs, so I always thought doing a “half tuck” made me look… well, in proportion in my opinion. So if you’re someone who thinks your proportions need some balancing and want to give the illusion of looking taller and leaner, I definitely recommend the adoption of the French tuck. This little tuck has done wonders for me, and I think it’s something that you need to incorporate into your daily style immediately if you’re not doing it already.

How to do the tuck
Simply tuck in the front, middle part of your top into your pants, skirt, or shorts. You will just need to leave a little hanging out on the sides and back.
There is a little work in getting it right on yourself, so it definitely requires some practice. As they say, practice makes perfect, right! Soon enough, you’ll be French tucking without the aid of a mirror.

What can you tuck
T-shirts (or any long top really), oversized knits and, of course, the shirt! These look great tucked into a more fitted bottom, pants, skirts, or shorts. Also, the French tuck looks great with a belt.


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