HOW TO | Curly hair dye tips with Casting Crème Gloss | L’Oréal Paris Australia

HOW TO | Curly hair dye tips with Casting Crème Gloss | L’Oréal Paris Australia

Hey curlfriend! Who needs the salon when you can get curly hair this good at home? With Casting Crème Gloss, your shiny, new hair will be ready in no time.

All you need is Casting Crème Gloss (which includes professional quality gloves) a towel, water to spritz and a hair dryer.

Mix the formula then mist hair so it feels moisturised. Massage Casting Crème Gloss into roots then apply, rub and twist it into lengths of hair. Give your curls a final massage then wait 20 mins before rinsing with gloves and Crème Gloss conditioner.

Dry and style then you (and your curls) are ready for anything.



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