How To Care For Hair In Winter/ Hot Oil Treatment

How To Care For Hair In Winter/ Hot Oil Treatment

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Winters tends to make our hair and scalp all the more dryer because of lack of moisture in the air. So, the first step is to give your hair a good dose of moisture that it needs to survive this harsh winter. The best source of moisture is hot oil treatments.
Oil Treatments

You might already know that hot oil treatments are a big and important part of hair care routine not matter what season it is. That is because your hair tends to be on the dryer side and are of low hair porosity. Hence, you need to use heat to penetrate the moisture in your hair and scalp.
Make your own hair oil according to your hair’s needs but right now for winters make a hair oil by combining the oils mentioned below

Coconut Oil ( as base oil) – 2 TSP
Amla Oil (Indian Gooseberry oil) – 1 TSP
Castor Oil – 1 TSP
Vitamin E Capsules – 2
Tea Tree Essential Oil (optional) – 3 drops
Step 1 : Take a bowl and add Coconut Oil and add Tea tree essential oil. I used tea tree oil because it helps in treating flaky scalp.

Step 2 : Add Amla Oil (I used Patanjali Amla Oil), Castor Oil and oil from 2 Vitamin E capsules.

Step 3 : Mix them together well and your oil for winters is ready to use.
Step 4 : Heat your oil using indirect heat method to keep enhance its nutrients.

Step 5 : Now massage this oil slowly into your scalp by parting smaller sections and massage it well for good 4 minutes.

No matter which oil you chose for your hot oil treatment, make sure it is free of mineral oils otherwise it wont do any good to your hair.
If you don’t want to make the hair oil that mentioned above you can use any hair oil that you like or you can check out this guide to find out the perfect hair oil for your hair.
Always heat your hair using indirect method and never heat it directly.
Always massage your scalp in slow circular motions and never use your nails just use your finger tips.
Try to keep the oil at least half an hour. I keep it over night.
This hot oil treatments are so pampering in winters especially if someone else is massaging the oil into your scalp. Its always a great idea to leave the oil overnight but if you are in hurry at least keep it for 30 minutes.

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Disclaimer: All information provided on this channel is for general purposes. I am not a licensed professional, these are simple steps I use since it is natural, inexpensive and creative way.

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