How To Bleach / Lighten & Tone Hair at Home (Safely)

How To Bleach / Lighten & Tone Hair at Home (Safely)

Here I show you how I Bleach, Lighten and tone my hair to touch up my blonde. I am a professional hairdresser and while this process works on my hair it might not work on yours so please consider your hair condition carefully before doing and chemical processing to your hair at home. Thanks for watching and happy bonding!!

Steps and what I used:

Step 1
lighten all over roots using,
1scoop Wella blonder bleach 10z of 20 vol (mixing a Ph bonder in is recomended)
Apply all over roots
Process for 15-20  mins

Shampoo, condition and let air dry

Step 2
Foil highlights with the same formula of bleach used previously on the roots. (This time making sure to include Redken PH bonder)
I do a mix of highlights and baby lights in the foils

Step 3
Apply root color to remainder of all orange hair at the roots, which didn’t get highlighted using,
Redkens cover fusion 8NN + 10 vol
Process both color and highlights for about 20-25 mins

Rinse all color and lightener from hair

Step 4
Smudge the root (optional)
Using the 8NN + 10 vol formula and apply to first inch to inch and a half of hair leaving out the face framing blonde pieces.
Let process 10 mins and rinse from hair.

Step 5
Apply step 2 of the Ph bonder and let sit for 10 mins then rinse from hair

Step 6
Mix toner
Using 1oz Redken’s shades eq 09T + 1oz crystal clear + 2oz processing solution
Apply all over hair to flash tone for 1-3 mins

Rinse, shampoo and condition with
Monat’s Renew Shampoo and Smoothing deep conditioner.
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I very much appreciate your support!

Enjoy your fresh. New blonde hair!

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