How To Beach Wave Short Hair

How To Beach Wave Short Hair

Making things great for your short hair style. All links below. Beach waves for short hair, truly any curl you want. I think you will love this. Hair products make the biggest difference. If you’re wondering why you can’t get that volume and it truly comes back to getting the correct hair product with your hair type. Volumize those curls girl. Get that beach wave curl you want, or any curl for that matter.

xoxo Jocelyn McClellan

Glaze Hair Lotion-

Whip Mousse-

Salt & Sea Spray-

Posh –

Le Cinq Hair Wands-

This is what I used to create my curls, I used the tapered wand attachment specifically for this look.

If you want a single wand the Lustre is awesome-

I recommend titanium for hard to curl hair and then ceramic for easy to curl/ fine hair. 25mm for short hair/ tight curls or 32 mm for long hair or bigger curls perfect for beach waving.

My Makeup-
On My Eyes is Stay Golden, Amethyst, Mi Hija, Highlight, Tawanda
On My Cheeks is Baby Watermelon
On My Lips is Nude and Sunshine State on top

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