How to Apply Blush For Your Face Shape | Blusher Makeup Tutorial | Beginner Makeup Tips

How to Apply Blush For Your Face Shape | Blusher Makeup Tutorial | Beginner Makeup Tips

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How to Apply Blush For Your Face Shape
Oblong – Check out your forehead, cheeks, and jawline — are they all about the same width? You have an oblong face shape, which is like a soft rectangle. Hit the apple of the cheek starting at its most prominent part, blending towards the nose, then bringing it out towards the temple.

Square – Square faces tend to have straight sides and a fairly flat jawline (think Olivia Wilde or Angelina Jolie), so this technique softens the face’s angles with blush. “With a square face, you want to hit all of the cheekbone from the corner of the brow to the hairline.

Round – The cheeks are the fullest part of a round face shape, and you usually have a curved jawline. Here’s Laramie’s foolproof way to apply blush on a round face: look in the mirror, smile, then swipe a sheer cream stick blush in two short swipes to the apples of your cheeks. Using a foundation brush and medium-size strokes, brushing up towards the temple and down towards the earlobe.

Oval – Oval faces are long with somewhat prominent cheeks, a narrower chin, and a narrow forehead. Laramie recommends thoroughly saturating a synthetic brush with color, tapping off the excess, then starting at the most prominent part of the cheekbone. Using soft strokes, bring it down towards the earlobe and blend up towards the temple. Add the slightest bit just above the temple, too.

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