HAIR PRODUCTS – My favorites for my long hair

HAIR PRODUCTS – My favorites for my long hair

Products I have been using. Some since 2005 and some since 2010. In 2010 I quit using sulfates like sodium laureth and sodium lauryl sulfate and switched to non sulfate shampoo. I tried a few but liked Organix the best so far. There are many kinds on the market now. Glad people found out about harsh sulfates.
I have a huge stash of the shampoo and will probaly not try anything new for a while since I am happy with what I have so far. I update my products on my site on the hair care page in a slideshow that has been displayed for many years.
If you are still using sulfates, please try non sulfate! No need to strip the oils completely out of your hair with the sulfates! This goes for the guys too!
My routine is pretty simple…wash once a week, deep condition a couple times a month (here are directions for the Nexxus:
I wear my hair up all the time. My hair isnt too hard, but its gotten so long now that it is time for a big trim. Growing to ankle was an experiment. After a few more videos and photo projects I will be going back mid calf and then later to knee length at some point in the future. More on that later…
I plan to document it all on this channel.

* * NOTE: When diluting shampoo in a bottle with water, use within 1 week. Use as little shampoo as possible and always use filtered water. I use at least 10 parts water to 1 part shampoo and shake it up.

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