Hair oiling and Haircare tips in Hindi|Make normal hair much effective|Vitamin E capsules for hair

Hair oiling and Haircare tips in Hindi|Make normal hair much effective|Vitamin E capsules for hair

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Hello everyone,
To make your normal hair oil much effective follow these steps;-Step 1; Take your small glass container and pop it into a small bowl that’s filled with very (VERY) hot water. You’ll want the water level to be just as high as the level of oil in your container.
It will take maybe a minute or two for the oil to warm up to just about the water’s temperature.

Step 2: Apply the Oil to Your Hair, Starting at the Scalp
One thing your scalp really needs is stimulation. So when you start applying your hot oil hair treatment, do it at the very roots of your hair and rub in circular motions. I like to start in the temple area and work backwards, squinching my fingers back and forth as I go.

This scalp massage serves several purposes: It helps dislodge hair that’s about to fall out anyway, which will encourage new hair to grow faster; it stimulates the circulation in the scalp which promotes hair growth, and it helps the oil sink into your head, making your skin there healthier and softer.

It also revives and relaxes your entire being, leaving you in a zen-like trance for the remainder of your hot oil treatment.

Once you’ve massaged your scalp with the oil for 3-5 minutes, move on to applying it down the shaft of your hairs. This is where you can be a little less liberal with your oil application. Your hair does not need to drip with oil. You’re going for a nice thin sheen right now.

Too much oil, and washing will be difficult.

Step 3: Cover Your Head With a Shower Cap and Then a Hot Towel
I strongly recommend, if you’re going to do hot oil hair treatments on a regular basis, buying yourself a shower cap or two. I’m not particularly fond of the “wrapping your head in plastic wrap” method, because it’s wasteful and awkward to do.

So all you do now is tuck your hair up into that shower cap (or plastic wrap, if you so insist) and then heat a towel with very hot water.
Just run your towel under very hot water and then wring it out until it’s no longer dripping. Wrap it over your head, 1940s starlet style, and …


Occasionally, I’ve found recommendations to use two towels and alternate warming them and refixing them to your head when they get cold, but I think that’s overkill. Once you’ve warmed and opened up the hair follicles and cuticles, the oil’s going to continue sinking in no matter what.

Once your towel starts to get cold, just pull it off your head and let the natural heat from your scalp (under the shower cap) do the rest of the work.

Step 4: Wait 30 Minutes to 2 Hours
This time is your time.

Write a letter. Bake a cake. Solve complex algebraic equations. Whatever makes you feel good. In fact, let me quote something IMPA left in the comments yesterday:

I’ve been doing my hot oil treatments (HOT) for 2 years already. I found two things that I’m trying to keep in mind every time I make my HOT now: never ever use too much oil ( oil is a pure LUXURY, so prize it as a greatest gift from Nature to you) and the most important thing – do it regularly. Use a bit of oil, but every week. I really mean it.

And the last thing! Make it a celebration! I already look weird enough with my hair in oil and a huge towel over my head so I celebrate my growing beauty and have a lot of fun!
Step 5: Wash It Out

shiness, waiting until the very end to shampoo the oil out.
You may need to shampoo twice, but you’ll be able to tell by the texture and feel of your hair when you’ve gotten all the oil out. There is a strong (almost definite) possibility that you will not need to use conditioner after shampooing – but you’ll be able to tell based on the feel of your hair.
At the end of rinsing with the shampoo, turn the water temperature to tepid. So it’s about the temperature of your body, maybe a little colder. The remaining oil will rinse out MUCH easier if you rinse using tepid water. I don’t know why, but it does.
If you have hair that touches your neck and shoulders, after you’ve washed out the oil, you’ll want to hold that hair up off your neck and wash your neck completely, removing all the oil that’s stuck to your skin. If you skip this step, once you let your hair down, it will gather the oil from your skin and look oily within minutes of drying.
At last shampoo your hair.
And that’s it!

You have gorgeous, moisturized, shiny hair now. You like that, don’t you?

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