Hair care tips | my long hairs | dude yugant | darshan sharma

Hair care tips | my long hairs | dude yugant | darshan sharma

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If you really love your hairs then this blog is for you.
Here are some tips and tricks ,
do’s and don’ts for taking good care of your hairs. .

Don’t ❌
1. Don’t take shower with too hot water as it can strip excessive amount of natural oils.

2. Avoid using heat on hair as it can damage the hair quality.

3. Don’t shampoo hair more often as this can strip off the natural oil from the hair.

4. Frequent haircuts are must to boost the hair growth as well as improve the hair quality.

5. Using brush on wet hair causes massive hairs lose thus avoid it.

6. Avoid wearing tight cap or hat as it can cause hair lose.
Do’s ✅

1. Massaging the scalp increases the blood flow which results in quick hair growth.

2. Hair oiling a must after a regular interval to maintain its moisture.

3. Instead of rubbing hair to dry patting it with dry towel is a good option as it reduces the chances of hair damage.

4. Using aloe Vera can reduce hair fall and also boost the hair quality.

5. shampoo and condition your hair up to 2/3 times per week. .
Sources- internet
I personally recommend you to cover your head while going out to protect your hairs from harsh sunlight ,
dust & pollution. .
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