Hair Care & Color Maintenance Tips (Current Red Hair)

Hair Care & Color Maintenance Tips (Current Red Hair)

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This video is for every/most hair color! I hope this helped you guys out a bit…also I am not claiming that my hair is super healthy, but it’s a lot better that what you would think for someone who dyed her hair 3 times a year!

Let me know if you have any other question and if I don’t answer them you guys are welcome to help each other out! I know there are some stylists in my sub lists and you all have been SOoOO helpful! Thank you!

BTW the 400 degree flat ironing tip came from underthescope58 here on YT who is a hair stylists!

Products in the video:

Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Conditioner: This stuff is pretty expensive ($27.00 for that bottle) and I use it every other month to alleviate my pocket a bit. The big bottle lasts me about 2-3 months. They have smaller bottles for $10.00, and you can try it out to see if you like it.

Paul Mitchell Color Protectant Daily Shampoo: Again it’s pretty expensive as well, lasts me the same amount as the conditioner.

Renewing Moroccan Oil by Organix: It’s a deep conditioner that I leave in for 20-30 minutes. It’s great to rejuvenate my hair to make it look shiny and to protect it from future damages.

Beyond the Zone in Candy Apple Red
Mani Panic in Rock ‘N’ Roll Red

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