Habits That Will Make You Look Younger

Habits That Will Make You Look Younger

Nobody wants to look old, or even their age for that matter, so wouldn’t it be nice to know what you can do to keep yourself from drying out and looking like a raisin prematurely? Here you’ll find not only habits to stay youthful and happy with your looks, but a lifestyle you can adopt to ensure your looks for as long as is possible. Get out your notebook, snag yourself a pen, and get ready to start taking notes on 18 Habits That Will Make You Look YOUNGER!

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6. Avoid Concealer if You Can
While you may think that using a lot of concealer is doing your looks some good, chances are you’re doing just the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. Applying heavy makeup on the face, neck, and wherever else you put it can cause it to sink and settle into wrinkles, resulting in a more washed out look. So don’t pile on the concealer unless you have to. A common mistake that makes that more avoidable is that people tend to put concealer on first and foundation on second. But if you use a dewy, sheer foundation, you’ll probably be able to cut your concealer use down by a lot, and you’ll just need to do touch-ups on any remaining spots with a matte concealer. Lookin’ young, girl!

5. Use More Pink Lipsticks
While many women enjoy the sharp contrast provided by a vibrant or dark red lipstick, they can actually make you look even older than you really are. The recommendation? Step it down just a little bit and go for a more pink lipstick to give yourself a more natural, youthful glow. Having dark lips can be nice, but it can also make the lips recede and there’s a chance that the dark stuff will bleed from the lips into other lines around the mouth. You should also use a flesh colored or clear lip liner to keep the lipstick in place and avoid getting it where it’s not supposed to be. If you want more full-looking, shinier lips, use a gloss instead of going for a matte look. Who knew your lips mattered so much in the aging department?

4. Drop the Salt and Sugar
If you want to look young, healthy, and full of life, you need to be sure to get plenty of healthy nutrients—and avoid all of the unhealthy ones wherever you can. Adding sugars and salts can significantly increase the body’s inflammation and speed the aging process by a lot. What inflammation does is inhibit the breaking down of collagen by producing certain enzymes, which can make the skin more saggy and wrinkly. According to one study, salt accelerated the aging of cells in those deemed “overweight.” In another, people with high blood pressure were typically viewed as being older than they indeed were. So cut down those salts and sugars as much as possible and enjoy looking young and fresh for as long as it lasts.

3. Lose the Unhealthy Relationships
This is one sure fire way to not only make yourself happier but to let go of excess stress as well. Not only are healthy, nurturing relationships good for your mind but they’re good for your body as well! Oxytocin, the “feel good hormone,” is released when we show and are shown love. This reduces blood pressure, which helps to lead to a more radiant outward appearance due to the increased blood flow. Love can aid in keeping more relaxed, happy, and appearing overall more attractive as it tends to nurture the positive energy inside of you. So drop the negativity and those that make you unhappy and focus more on those that make you feel good.

2. Drink Less
We know, you don’t want to hear it, but studies show that consuming less alcohol can help to keep you looking younger, longer. We all know that overindulging in drinking has its negative effects, but did you know that it can affect you adversely even at a cellular level? Alcohol is known to cause inflammation and to dehydrate skin, both of which can make you look older by giving your skin a wrinkly, dried-out appearance. It’s best to drink in moderation and to combine drinking with the ingestion of water to combat the drying effects and keep you hydrated.



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