Grow Long, Thick, Healthy Hair In FULL DETAIL | Victoria Victoria

Grow Long, Thick, Healthy Hair In FULL DETAIL | Victoria Victoria

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🚫Important Disclaimer🚫 Women in their first trimester of pregnancy should not handle rosemary oil as it can induce labor. Also see disclaimer regarding protein below!

*DISCLAIMER* Please be sure to use a carrier oil such as coconut oil, jojoba oil etc… before putting it on your scalp. I forgot to mention this in this video so sorry!

Thank you all so much watching my Grow Long , Thick, Healthy Hair video today guys. This video gives you a step by step method on how to grow your hair faster and longer with essential oils, healthy foods with a focus on length retention and moisture locking you hair. This method will work for both relaxed hair and natural hair, dry hair or short hair, thin hair or thick hair, unhealthy or healthy hair, thin hair or thick hair. So this is an all inclusive video that I hope you guys enjoy. (This is not a grow your hair in a week, grow your hair overnight, grow your hair in 2 weeks scheme video) This is a video that shows you how to see actual results and if done correctly your hair will grow fast and beautifully. You’ll achieve faster hairgrowth and healthier hair. Please enjoy!

✳️Disclaimer✳️Since posting this video I have learned that if you have high porosity hair that your hair will benefit from regular protein treatments and sealants. Protein treatments for high porosity hair is an integral step in hair growth and healthy hair retention. Happy Growing!

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