Group says govt needs to target industry harder to prevent corruption

Group says govt needs to target industry harder to prevent corruption

Government of India chief minister Manmohan Singh has termed the industry’s problem a big scam.

A new study from Centre for Policy Research (CPR) has found there is a huge shortage of skilled workers and an excess of “bribes” in the manufacturing sector.

It was released as the Congress party launched its new campaign against corruption in the manufacturing sector to revive the party’s chances of winning the forthcoming elections.

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CPR says the government must start targetin우리 카지노g industry harder to prevent corruption to ensure that companies are “robbed” from underpaid workers and from underbidding on government contracts.

The industry has seen some of the highest number of suicides and major losses in manufacturing since 1984 after a high-profile scandal exposed a high-ranking official’s role in a series of corruption cases.

CPR has found:

• Companies are underreporting the number of workers they employ to avoid acco코인카지노unting scandals, as it is a well-known fact they don’t have proper documentation.

• Companies are underreporting the number of contracts they award or contractually agree on with governments to avoid accounting scandals.

• The government’s ofm카지노ficial stance to attract and keep workers in the industry is a huge problem, because there are huge numbers of jobs in the industry that are un- and underreported or not tracked.

• The government’s role to ensure that every employee gets the benefit of a salary of at least R25 000 per annum is an extremely important part of the job creation strategy to make the industry a reality.


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