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Money-saving tips for beauty, group driver regional discounts like Groupon – Living Social – and Social Steals
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Also, don’t forget about spa week – a week in the spring and summer where select services are only $50.
Links from this episode: Groupn – Living Social – Social Steals – The Frugal Deal (our very own group driven regional discount! Get yours today!) –

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Erin: Hello and welcome to the Frugalicious Show,
I’m Erin Brooks and this

is my co-host in savings, Ms Bitsy Jennings

Bitsy: Hello Erin, and hello to all our Frugalicious viewers out there.

know Erin, what’s one of the most important things about being


Erin: Saving money?

Bitsy: Actually, looking good while your’e doing it. Today we’re talking

about looking good for less.

Erin: Amen to that. Now do you remember when Dolly Parton said it takes

lot of money to look this cheap?

Bitsy: I do, but at Frugalicious we say it doesn’t take a lot
of money to

look great. I’m sorry Dolly.

Erin: [laughs] Ok one of the biggest money drops today for women
is the

cost of beauty. We’re all obsessed with the perfect hair,
no frizz,

wrinkle-free skin, rosy red cheeks, but it can cost a lot of money
to do

that. So how do we do that for less?

Bitsy: Well the first thing we gotta do is start with our standby –

coupon codes, and place like retailmenot has hundreds of coupons,
some for

about 20% off, which is a fifth off of retail for everything
from salon

services to the products hair care, everything.
AND, then there’s another

new website called

Erin: I’m sorry could you repeat that website again?

Bitsy: it’s the trifecta of savings

Erin: Yes

Bitsy: And we love it, they have a 25% off cosmetics at Lord and Taylor

yeah sign me up!

Erin: Me too please!

Bitsy: I’m in.

Erin: And don’t forget to get special treatment from the stores
you already

love, all you have to do is ask and many stores
like Saks and Nordstroms

will put you on their customer list to be
hip to all their deals, gifts

with purchases that they don’t release
to the general public. And let’s

talk about Sephora here for a second,

Bitsy: [singing] Ahhhhhh!

Erin: Beauty, Sephora. What woman doesn’t like Sephora? If you go to

Sephora online you can sign up to be a beauty insider and they will

you deals exclusively to your inbox.

Bitsy: I’m a beauty insider.

Erin: Are you really?

Bitsy: A card-carrying member of the Sephora club, and they give me

birthday gifts.

Erin: And what did you get for your birthday this year?

Bitsy: Lip gloss.

Erin: Yaaaaay

Bitsy: I mean who doesn’t want lip gloss for their birthday?
Or eyeshadows

or anything, and it’s free to sign up, so do it,
and you’ll be a happy

birthday mommy too.

Erin: And, if you sign up with Sephora online, and you’re going
to shop

online, make sure you do it through Ebates Rebates.
It’s one of our

Frugalicious recommended cash-back sites and when
you shop for Sephora

products via Ebates Rebates, you earn 8% cash
back AND you get $5 for every

friend you refer.

Bitsy: I mean finally it pays to shop, that’s awesome. Love it.

Erin: Yes. Stay tuned, we’ll have some great information when we come back.

Bitsy: More beauty!