Emma Roberts Shares Fashion Tips In Elle Magazine

Emma Roberts Shares Fashion Tips In Elle Magazine

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Stay tuned to hear what Emma Roberts recommends for those days that you just don’t feel like putting together a whole outfit.

Hi ClevverTV peeps! You’re back at the show. I’m Dana Ward in the studio with some fabulous fashion advice straight from one of our fave star stylistas, Emma Roberts. She recently completed a photoshoot with Elle Magazine where she dished about life. E said that if she feels like tossing on jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look, she chooses to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Specifically with a combination of her little sister’s handmade friendship bracelets and more expensive bracelets… plus, necklaces are a definite go-to item for her wardrobe. The celeb also said that she’s always wanted to be an actress because she loves storytelling, in fact, Miss Roberts enjoys it so much that she said if she could have any other job, she’d opt to be a short-story writer… So that’s the latest for now. If you want to stay in-the-know about all of your favorite stars in the world of Hollywood, be sure to subscribe to our show at youtube.com/clevvertv. As always, thanks for tuning in. I’m your host Dana Ward saying bye for now.


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