Do's and Don'ts with Permed Hair

Do's and Don'ts with Permed Hair



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All the tips mentioned:
1. Do not use heat. Avoid as much as possible
2. If you use a blow dryer, put a diffuser on the end
3. Don’t pull your hair tightly back very often
4. Don’t wash your hair everyday
5. Wait 48 to 72 hours before washing hair after perm
6. Wait at least 2 weeks before coloring/chemically treating hair again
7. Use a deep conditioner
8. Comb hair when it’s wet
9. Use curly hair products when hair is still damp
10. Keep hands off of hair after applying product on it
11. Sleep with a silk scarf
12. Sleep with silk pillows

Additional Tips not mentioned:
1. Use sulfate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner.
2. Don’t use alcohol based products like hairspray because it’ll dry out hair! Instead you can use a combination of wax and serums to help hold curl. You just put a little wax and serum into your palm and rub it together and distribute or define the curl as well.
3.It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to come back to the salon 4-6 weeks after your perm to get a trim

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