Dita Von Teese Makeup Secrets | Burlesque Tips and Tricks | Viva Burlesque

Dita Von Teese Makeup Secrets | Burlesque Tips and Tricks | Viva Burlesque

See how to achieve that perfect Dita Von Teese look! Expert makeup artist, Jane von Vintage shows you how by giving Miss Behave a “Dita” makeover. Learn tips and tricks that you can easily use to create your own fabulous vintage look!

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This is your go-to place for everything Burlesque. We take a journey into the secret heart of the erotic subculture that is Burlesque. Here you can see exclusive performances and can meet a select group of the world’s most fascinating Burlesque performers, costume designers, makeup artists, and fans, including individuals of every sexual orientation and gender. They tell their personal stories, reveal their perspectives on life, share details about makeup, costume design, and teach burlesque techniques. Controversial issues will be discussed. We celebrate the freedom of women and men to choose the different ways in which they can express themselves. Through the lens of erotic dance, art, and politics, we will explore the bare-naked truth about burlesque, our common humanity and our essential sexual nature … in all its exotic diversity.

Our channel will share videos of performances, interviews, tips on makeup, costume design and much more. Stay tuned for the best of Burlesque.

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