CURLY TO STRAIGHT – Natural Hair – Type 4 Hair -Tutorial – HONEY HAIR MASK

CURLY TO STRAIGHT – Natural Hair – Type 4 Hair -Tutorial – HONEY HAIR MASK

CURLY TO STRAIGHT -Natural hair – Type 4 Hair – Tutorial – Honey Hair Mask
Watch as April’s hair is transformed from being dry, damaged, and out of control. She goes from curly to straight in less than 2 hours. Using only natural products. Her hair is now straight, silky & shiny The product used was the silk and honey hair mask, developed by Debbie Williams of Ask Debbie About Hair, & the Changing Faces Hair Clinic. The honey hair mask is a 100% natural hair mask, made from pure honey and other eatable ingredients. This hair treatment will restore lifeless hair, repair damaged hair, define your curls, lock in moisture, reduce bad dandruff, and get rid of frizzy hair. If you are looking to go from curly to straight and want to protect your hair, this hair mask is for you.

Honey is an excellent humectant that restores moisture back into your hair. This product is made with the finest honey in the world and is unfiltered (which is the best). Not only will the silk & honey hair mask restore your hair back to a healthy state, but it is also excellent for many other hair problems. If you are experiencing any of the following problems below, this honey treatment is for you:

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Homemade hair mask

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