CURLY HAIR |Tips and Tricks :) (request)

CURLY HAIR |Tips and Tricks :) (request)


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Products in the video:

the website retails the leave-in for $16.99 which is cheaper than what i paid for!! smh lol

What I use on my Curly hair:
Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner
I found a website called they sell it for $17.99 instead of $19.99
Sallys also have the generic brand of mixedchicks for $14.99

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted shampoo and conditioner
I co-wash (meaning only wash my hair with conditioner) more than shampooing

John Freida’s Dream Curls Spray

What I use on my natural hair:

Lottabody Carrot & Keratin Setting Lotion
TRESemme Extra Firm Control hair spray
TRESemme Extra Firm Control Mousse
Cantu Shea butter flat iron spray
Grease Gro Therapy Olive Oil Formulay
Root Recovery Temple Stimulant Growth Renew by Profectiv

Virgin Glam Malaysian Curly 22in 20in 18in 18in

I ONLY USED: 18in (used all of it) 18in (I have 1/3 left over) and 20in (i have 1/4 left over) I added all of the 22in and trimmed it to about 21in so it will all blend together


SUMMARY: I made my hair on a halfwig….this is MY WAY of managing my curly hair…curly hair can be VERY difficult to handle because its high maintenance. I DO take this off at night to care for the hair and to speed up my morning routine.

I use a spray bottle to wet the hair, let it sit on a clean towel and air dry….
I roll my leave out every night using my blending method


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