Coconut Milk hair treatment on natural curly hair

Coconut Milk hair treatment on natural curly hair

Hi guys!

In this video i’ll be showing you guys a treatment that i love thanks to my cousin (Smret) :)for sharing it with me. This is one easy, cheap and fast treatment for your hair not to mention it’ll have your hair thanking you lol for quenching its thirst.
This is great for those that have dry, shedding, splitends, thin, frizzy, and over processed kind of hair. In this video you will see how I apply the Coconut milk the easy but yet messy kind of way haha okay, not too messy:) As I was applying it I made sure to keep messaging it in and made sure the CM was covering every inch of my hair. Once applied all over my hair… I covered it up with a shower cap( you can get under the dryer for 10 mins if you like) or just wait 20-60 minutes before washing it. After you wash it you will noticed how soft and silky your hair feels 🙂

If you give this a try or have already tried this feel free to comment and let me know what was the 1st thing you noticed when washing off the Coconut milk off of your hair?

till the next video 🙂 PeaCe!


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