Chatty Brunch GRWM | Simple Beauty, Model Fashion, & Life Update | Sanne Vloet

Chatty Brunch GRWM | Simple Beauty, Model Fashion, & Life Update | Sanne Vloet

Super Chatty Brunch Get Ready With Me | My Simple Natural Makeup Routine, Model Fashion Outfits, & A Little Update About My Life | Sanne Vloet

Hey Guys,

Has anyone had a close friend, best friend, sister, brother, or anyone special get married recently? I just came back from a surprise bachelorette trip for my girlfriend Maud! Daphne, Julia, and I surprised her in Dubrovnik, Croatia and wow it was just as beautiful as in the show Game Of Thrones! Clear blue waters, an amazing historical city, and memories that will stay with all four of us for the rest of our lives.

I filmed this video two weeks ago. I think I’ve mentioned in a past video that sometimes I find myself struggling to balance things out between my social life with friends and family, spending time with my boyfriend, and focusing on the things I need to do for work like working out. Lately with the restaurant opening, travel for work, and the pressure I’ve put on myself I’ve started to feel a little stressed out. Do you ever find yourself having a hard time balancing things out? I’m looking for ways to fight anxiety and stress. What do you do when you get stressed or overwhelmed? Share them with me if you can!

Life always gives you exactly what you need and I needed this little break with the girls. The girls trip was something that couldn’t have come at a better time for me! I hope everyone here has a chance to recharge their batteries when they need to!

So today’s video I filmed two weeks ago before brunch with the girls to plan out this weekend in Croatia. I tried some new things with my makeup look and even added in a eye liner, which I LOVED! I was inspired by someone with beautiful big eyes that I saw at a coffee shop in Brooklyn!

So for anyone who hasn’t subscribed to the channel I hope today is the day you decide to join us on this little journey! I’m not sure if any of you have noticed, but I’ve been changing things up on instagram! Max and I started taking most of the pictures I post on 35mm film and I love it! If you guys have a chance come say hi and let me know what you think about my page @sannevloet!

Sending out hugs to all of you!



Instagram: @sannevloet

Products I used:
Lune + Aster Bronzer Primer:
Giorgio Armani Silk Foundation:
Lune + Aster Concealer:
Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate:
Anastasia Beverly HIls eyebrow:
Charlotte Tilbury Liquid Eyeliner:
Maybelline Lash Sensation:
Charlotte Tilbury Lip cheat lip pencil:

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