Black Weave Hairstyles That Help Hair Grow Longer!

Black Weave Hairstyles That Help Hair Grow Longer!

When using black weave hairstyles to grow your hair, you still must know how to retain hair length. I have been wearing hair weaves just about my entire life, but I never saw any real hair growth. It wasn’t until I started transitioning from relaxed to natural hair that I learn how to grow hair longer and that I could grow hair with weave styles.

It all started when I decided that I preferred to not mess with my transitioning hair that much while attempting to go natural. Going natural can be tough for long term transitioners. So I did lots of research on various hair weave websites that showed women how to grow hair with braids, how to wear weaves, and different black weave hairstyles that I could use.

I stayed away from curly weave hair because it seemed to be too tough to handle on a day to day basis. You know I like to keep things simple when I’m focusing on growing long hair.

“Black Weave Hairstyles”

There are some weave hairstyles that I do not like to recommend unless you really know how to take care of black weave hair styles like:
•Sew in weaves
•Micro Braids

Yes I know there are so many that swear sew ins and micro braids are the best hair weave and that this black weave hairstyle helped their hair grow longer. However this weave can damage your hair. I just can’t recommend sew ins or mirco braids to people who are struggling to grow their hair with weave.

I have so many family members and co workers that damaged their hair or saw minimal to no hair growth from sew in weaves and micro braids. If you have some great tips, please put them in the comment sections so others can visit your channel or learn from your comments.

So when I’m discussing growing hair with braids, I’m referring to medium size braids and twists.

Now I must confess I do have a personal preference of wearing a wig to grow hair verses that of other black weave hairstyles. Wigs help me achieve a faster hair growth while growing natural black hair or even transitioning hair. Relaxed hair even grows faster when using wigs to grow hair.

I will be starting another hair challenge in July 2012 using only protective hairstyles. Some will be weave protective hairstyles and others will be natural protective hairstyles…so I am really excited to prove to the world that yes weave can help you grow longer hair, but only if you use the proper black hair care techniques!

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