Best homemade beauty tips for any skin .

Best homemade beauty tips for any skin .

Make Parents like Parlor at home, I’ll tell you some of the simplest tedious ways that will make you feel right of your husband. It will make a difference in not only your mood but also in the domestic environment. Set your day in order to divide the time according to your work. ‘It is better to send the children to the early morning

Clean up ‘Finish and finish washing clothes. Specify washing clothes for two days a week. However, you can schedule time by setting your tasks. It will be time to pay attention to yourself. Pay the prayers timely. Now sit on a day and follow the following program respectively. Creating once in a month will get great results of ‘sisters who are going to get married every week. They start this setting a month ago. Hand-cleaning (Mini Cavourry) Take a small pot and add bath soup in hot water and add solution to it. Remove the hand in it after 5 to 7 minutes. Clean nails well with an old toothbrush. If the fleece is socks, rub it in the soap water and squeeze it with hands softened. Now wash the clean water with dry water and make any massage cream or lotion equal to a large spoon of quantity. Make regular nails every Friday, ‘Nails always make the equivalent of debt’ regularly. The size of the nail dates up to the loan

If you cover it deeply, nails will be dipped inside. If you are washing clothes or washing clothes, then mix a little honey in the upper hand, and you will see that in a few days the hands will become soft vomiting. Pets Cleaning (Pedicure) Take a big spoon of shampoo so that it is so hot water and make foam soaked in your feet. After 15 minutes, rub well with sticks’ Clear the skin of the ankles and feet. Clean the nails with old toothbrush and get vessels on the heels. If you do not have a physical lotion, it can be done even if you do not get it. Wash the water in an open mouth vessel ‘Keep a towel’ now, taking 2 large spoon moisturement lotions and doing so much massage Make faces and neck red. Now let the boiling pot go from the stove and place a fit away from the face. Put the towel on the head and when the good sweat arrives, then tail the towel properly. You have to make a good mask. Taking steam after cream

Open the warehouse open and send out your mail. Now it is necessary to have a mask to close them, which can be made of masks of any good brand and can also be made at home. The measuring mask is equal to the testimony of the testimony. Lap on the face and neck apart from the eyes. It’s usually time to dry for 15 minutes. When dragging on the face, stretch it out of one end. After applying this mask, do not move the face to the face. Wash mouth with cold water. The way to prepare a home mask is to make a large spoon ‘upper lime juice’ and a tea spoon and honey mixture and apply it for 15 minutes on the face and wash it with cool water. ‘ Put the lip stick and put it in the eye with a furnace cream. Some important things should be cleaned if they like hair or bears, they should be cleaned. Regular cleaning of hairdresser does not wait for forty days. On the face of the sisters whose fat is high, they wash the basin in the basin with 7 times with gray roses. Head hair regularly shampoo

And whenever you get the opportunity, oil must apply ‘Once a week’, take two lime juice and two spoonful of mustard oil and mix it in the roots of the hair. Let’s not stay too late. Abston gets mixed with a retail shop, ‘The sisters who are going to become bride’ should be cleaned up on their body and clean up hands and pay attention to a month before cleaning the hair ‘ Arrange each week – ie, 4 times you will also be happy and the grooms will also be happy. It’s a little effort to make yourself sit down at home and adhere to Sharia limits. Avoid increasing the increase in beauty parlors’ give your homes a pleasant environment. Yes, it is a matter of fact that with zeb and zenith do not come in front of unbelievers, it is only the right to your husband and not to join anyone.


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