bareMinerals Makeup Tips — Bigger & Brighter Looking Eyes

bareMinerals Makeup Tips — Bigger & Brighter Looking Eyes

QVC bareMinerals’ Education Executive Jessica Foust teaches us how to apply bareMinerals’ eye makeup to create a variety of eye looks. Click here to find all the bareMineral makeup you need for bigger, brighter looking eyes:
Learn how to make eyes look bigger and brighter using bareMinerals’eye primers, eye colors, mascara and eye liner. Easy makeup tips for beautiful eyes.

Step 1: Prime
Begin with bareMinerals eye primer. This helps fill any lines and wrinkles creating a smooth surface for your eye shadow.

Step 2: Highlight
Highlight the brow bone. Apply a light color to your brush and pull down in short strokes under the brow bone. This helps to brighten & define.

Step 3: Lid Color
Start by using the bareMinerals lighter eye colors for the corners of your eyes and on the lid for brighter looking eyes. Tip: pat and press when working with a lighter color; if you want more coverage add another layer.

Step 4: Accent
Use a more tapered brush with a deeper eye color to accent the crease of your eye. Sweep darker colors out to the corners of the eye for a more “smoky eye” look. Keep brighter colors on the lid for brighter looking eyes. Tip: to find the natural crease of your eye look at your eye open and follow the natural indent under your brow bone.

Step 5: Liner
A great way to achieve brighter looking eyes is by lining the eye along the upper lash line. Tip: Start at the center of the lid and work your way out. Finish by lining from the inner corner back to the center.

Step 6: Mascara
Use your favorite mascara as a finishing touch to make eyes appear bigger and to make eyes appear brighter and whiter.


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