Astrology Beauty Tips by Helene Cierzo from Heart House Astrology

Astrology Beauty Tips by Helene Cierzo from Heart House Astrology

Helene has been fascinated with astrology since the age of 9. With 16 years of experience as a behavior analyst, she has a strong ability to help people shift behavioral patterns, and align towards their highest good. Her readings are compassionate, intuitive, and reflective of her jovial and spiritual nature. They are deep, yet light hearted, and offer an opportunity for deep self awareness and transformation. She also integrates her knowledge of yoga, mantras, Ayervdic remedies and gemstones into her readings for a holistic approach. She is a natural intuitive and channels messages and affirmations from spirit to support her clients in her readings.
She received her certification through Nightlight Astrology with Adam Elenbaas in 2014. She has the honor to currently continue her studies with her mentor, astrologer Robert Pheonix. She also continues her studies of the venus synodic cycles with the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School with amazing astrologers Tami Brunk and Cayelin Castell. She also holds a BA in Philosophy from William Paterson University and a MA in Applied Behavior Analysis from, Caldwell University. She also holds 200hr yoga teacher certification, through Ananda Ashram, in Monroe, N.Y. Helene is also a certified crystal healer and offers ceremonial crystal grid work, and chakra balancing. She has the honor of doing monthly readings at major beauty events for brands including Chanel, Blue Mercury and Lord and Taylor. Her horoscopes have been featured, in Romper magazine. As a true Sagittarius North node, she loves to continue to learn. She is currently beginning her studies as a birth doula to continue to support and empower women in the beautiful process of birth.

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