Accc whistleblower federal court ruling over US government’s NSA program

Accc whistleblower federal court ruling over US government’s NSA program

The ruling, which may also affect Apple in the UK, comes days after 로투스 홀짝the UK’s highest court dismissed an appeal over phone data retention rules. It came in response to a lawsuit brought by the technology industry group Digital Rights Ireland.

Apple and British authorities have been accused of unlawfully intercepting millions of UK phone calls during the period between 2007 and 2013, including the millions of calls made by EU citizens to the US.

At issue in the UK case is how long data is retained until it is no longer needed. The National Security Agency (NSA) has insisted that all data on mobile phones and internet communications must be preserved.

The UK’s main opposition Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn said the ruling showed that privacy legislation in the US was “far from strong” in its pursuit of terrorists.

“The ruling 해운대안마 해운대출장마사지means that there will be little chance of the NSA giving up their search for the terrorists as this week will show. We will know whether the American public are truly prepared for a government that tells them the government can access all their data,” Corbyn 김해출장샵added.

Labour’s shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, told BBC radio it was too soon to know which way the outcome would turn, but added: “This judgment is very, very important for the future of Britain.”

Speaking to BBC radio from Dublin, she said it would be the first time that a court case had been brought over data retention in a global case.

She said the UK government, which had not brought an appeal, was keen to “put into legal practice the principle of the rule of law”.

A spokesperson for the NSA told Reuters: “The NSA does not comment on matters that may or may not be before the courts.”


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