6 Tips On How To Layer Men's Clothes with Style – Clothing Layering Techniques in Classic Menswear

6 Tips On How To Layer Men's Clothes with Style – Clothing Layering Techniques in Classic Menswear


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Whether you have noticed that or not, you’ve probably layered a lot of garments. Every time you put on a sweater, a shirt, a t-shirt, and something on top, you’re actively layering. Now layering not only keeps you warm but it’s also an opportunity to create different outfits and looks. Basically, there are two types of layering, visible and invisible layering.

Invisible layering
If insulation is your main goal and you want to keep the look the same we’re talking basically about undershirts and long underwear. It helps you to stay warmer, sometimes it can also prevent sweat stains on your dress shirts. And when you invest in undershirts, make sure it’s as close to your skin color as possible if you can’t find that get maybe something in heather gray. Ideally, you want a deep cut v-neck that doesn’t show when you wear your dress shirt.

Visible layering
When I say layering I mean every layer be it the shirt, the tie, the vest, even a pocket square or a boutonniere simply because there are visual layers and they don’t cover your entire body but it’s still a layer in the sense that it helps you aesthetically create a different look.

1. Monochromatic layering
No, it doesn’t mean you should wear a black suit with a black shirt and a black tie because there’s no contrast and it just looks like a dress in the dark. What I mean by that is that you stick to one color. Let’s say navy or blue so your suit is blue your shoes are dark maybe you would take a white shirt but likewise a tie that matches the suit in the same solid color. The advantage of monochronic layering is that it’s quite easy to accomplish at the same time you may run into the issue that you have maybe a tie that is just slightly darker or slightly lighter in a shade than your suit and when they’re right next to each other it just looks off.

2. Contrasting color
Think about a chocolate cake with maybe a white cream and a mocha or hazelnut cream in between. It works because it creates more visual interest. So for your clothes that would mean maybe you start with a white dress shirt then you wear a blue tie and then you can have maybe a cardigan or a vest in a different color, maybe a brown or a green or maybe burgundy and then on top of it you add another color.

3. Alternate solids and patterns
It can either be the same pattern, for example, you have a Glen check suit, then maybe a white shirt, then a maybe a blue vest and then another Glen check tie. Or it could be, for example, a patterned or striped shirt, a solid tie, a patterned waistcoat and a solid jacket. Of course, it also works the other way around with a solid shirt, pattern tie, solid vest and pattern jacket.

4. Two or three patterns in a row
In order to get a great look, you want the patterns to be distinctly different. For example, a striped shirt with a geometric tie. You then decide you want a patterned jacket as well. You want to add a calming solid layer as a vest because it tones the outfit down and ties everything better together.

5. Create a bridge between layers with coordinating colors
What I mean by that is if you wear an orange tie maybe add a pocket square that has some orange elements in it and maybe socks that have some orange in it because that ties the outfit together quite well.

6. Pay attention to how layers interact
If I wear a blue tie on a white shirt it looks very different than if I wear a dark blue shirt with a dark blue tie. Because of the lack of contrast, it now looks wrong and out of place. Instead, if I want a darker shirt I have to switch to a lighter tie to create a nice contrast.

What garments can you layer with?
– Sweater
– Scarves
– Ascots
– Pocket Square
– Overcoat
– Boutonniere

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