6 Simple Cologne Tips For Men | Fragrance Advice

6 Simple Cologne Tips For Men | Fragrance Advice


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In this video men’s style, grooming and fitness expert, Aaron Marino from goes over 6 cologne and fragrance tips to ensure that you are smelling great and sending the right message.

Fact: in the first 10 seconds of meeting someone new, they are forming opinions of you based on non-verbal communications. What you wear, how you stand, handshake, eye contact, and how you smell, all impact how others view you. Aaron Marino of alpha m. has teamed-up with his favorite online retailer to bring you six cologne tips to ensure you’re always smelling great and sending the right message.

Six Men’s Fragrance Tips

1. Less is more – give yourself a light dusting with 2 to 4 quirts depending on the fragrance. Learn how the cologne reacts to your chemistry and body.

2. Apply to pulse points on your neck and wrists – with pulse points, the blood flow is more and the heat dissipates the scent and spreads it.

3. Change is good – update periodically to keep it fresh

4. Rotate your colognes – buy 3 to 4 colognes and rotate

5. Find a cologne that you LOVE! Aaron’s six favorite colognes of all time: The One, Cool Water, Guilty, Acqua Di Gio, and Brit Rhythm

6. Shop smart – don’t waste money buying your cologne in a department store. However, you have to purchase from a reputable online retailer. FragranceNet.com is the best place, bar none, to pick up your designer fragrances at discounted prices.


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