5 Rules for Formal Dressing

5 Rules for Formal Dressing

Blazers are a must for your wardrobe as they are extremely versatile. You can wear
them with both formal and casual outfits. Do you know the five rules for formal
dressing? Once you know them, you will be able to make a great impression at
your workplace.

The first rule is that half an inch of your shirt cuff should peak below the jacket
sleeves. Formal white shirts look great with black and brown jackets. Although
men’s blazers are available in various styles, the two-button and the standard
double-breasted are the classic ones.

The second rule is to always tuck your shirt collar into the lapel of the suit. It
makes you look smart and professional.

The third rule is that your shoes must match your tie.

The fourth rule is that the tie should reach the belt.

The fifth rule is to button only the topmost button of a blazer.

If you keep these five rules on your mind, you will look great in formal wear. Well
fitted blazers make a man look dapper.

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