34 GIRLY SECRETS NO MAN SHOULD KNOW || Holy Grail Beauty Life Hacks And Makeup Tutorials +

34 GIRLY SECRETS NO MAN SHOULD KNOW || Holy Grail Beauty Life Hacks And Makeup Tutorials +


This video is full of surprising fashion ideas you haven’t met before! Looking stunning is easy, simply watch our video! This video is full of various fashion tips and lifehacks that will help you to upgrade your look and wardrobe.
-Create a cool print on pantyhose using a vase and permanent marker. Print and design you like, attach the picture to the vase and put on pantyhose. Copy the print using a marker. Voila!
-Check out a surprising way to use a scarf
-If you want to master a perfect eye makeup, use a spoon
-We share a perfect contouring tutorial that will ease your life
-You will find outfit life hacks that will help you to resize your dress
-Check out creative ways to curl your hair using a plastic bottle. Take an empty plastic bottle, cut a hole on the side of the water bottle and cut off the top of the bottle. Put a section of her long hair in an empty plastic water bottle and blow hairdryer around the hole. You don’t need innovative hair tools now!
-We know a perfect way to make lipstick makeup. You can use bobby pins or a spoon
-You are very skinny but dream about curvy hips, use sanitary pads to add a curve
-Check out a cool and easy way how to shorten long handbag strap
-How to get rid of piling? This is an annoying winter question especially when you find pilling on your favorite sweater. We have a genius lifehack! Glue utility knife blades to the comb to get rid of pilling.

00:30 Create prints on pantyhose
01:03 Brilliant makeup tips
01:47 How to resize your dress
02:26 Creative ways to curl your hair
06:45 How to shorten a belt

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