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Makeup is such a huge part of our lives that it is now impossible to live without. We put on makeup when we go to school and work daily but also we put a lot more effort when we do our makeup on special occasions. And most of us don’t really care when we make a small mistake when we do our everyday makeup. However, when we put on a full face of makeup for a special occasion, such as a wedding or a night out. We want everything to look as flawless and smooth as possible. So, in this video, we are sharing with your some brilliant makeup hacks to rock your look.

We show you cool ways to create your own makeup products to match your skin tone and have more fun creating your own colored powders, eyeshadow, and clear floral lip balms. If you have a lot of lip glosses laying around that you’d like to have with you at all times. Instead of having a different tube with different colored lipglosses, we show you a cool way to create your own lipgloss makeup palette. This way you’ll have them all organized in one palette that you can carry in your handbag when you need to do a quick makeup touch up.

Do you have a shimmery palette that you love its colors but you have no idea how to combine them, we show you a cool way to create your own rainbow highlighter that you can wear for a night out? Simply scrape off some powder from each color and arrange them in the correct color order and transfer them into an empty powder container. Then, add a few drops of alcohol, press them down using a paper towel and a coin and voila.

Mascaras tend to dry very easily because most of the time air gets trapped in the tube. And sometimes we feel that because there is no product on the mascara wand for us to use, we think that we’ve actually run out. So, we found the perfect hack for you to bring your dried mascara back to life by simply adding a few drops of lens solution in the tube.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve run out of tinted brow gel when you really want to set your brows – don’t worry because we have the best hack for you. Simply mix some brow gel with some brown matte eyeshadow and apply the mixture on your brows with a mascara wand. This will both shape your bows and keep them in place!

Watch our whole video to find out all of the brilliant makeup hacks we have for you that you’ll fall in love with. We show you a number of makeup product tutorials as well as makeup application tips.

0:07 – The perfect winged liner
0:28 – Empty makeup hacks
1:24 – DIY rainbow highlighter
3:41 – DIY brow gel
4:25 – DIY highlighter brush
5:32 – Adjustable makeup brush
6:49 – Lip contouring hack
8:25 – Eyelash hack
9:02 – How to contour
9:55 – DIY edible lipsticks
11:14 – Edible Scrub
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