25 Beauty tips, tricks & products we should all know about

25 Beauty tips, tricks & products we should all know about

Cleaning your beauty blender? When’s the best time to shave your legs? Are $60 face washes and masks really for you? What’s the best way to take care of your skin, or help your acne? Have you heard of royal jelly, what are the benefits? What can you do to save your dried out makeup products? And, what about trends? Do trends make you feel pretty? Are beauty oils really worth the hype? How do you stop mascara from getting on your eyelids? The answers, and tips are all in this informative, fast paced video 🙂 Please subscribe!

Tips mentioned:
*How to moisturize your face and body
*What is royal jelly?
*How to grow your lashes and brows
*How to clean your beauty blender
*Using cleansing oils and lotions vs makeup remover wipes
*Benefits of Cetaphil
*Are beauty oils for you?
*Using your eye kohl pencil as a gel liner
*Spoon as a mascara guard?
*How to make your lipstick last longer
*Ever wonder how people get that perfect lip line, without overdrawing?
*Does everyone know to moisturize before applying makeup? *What happens if you don’t?
*How much lipstick is left in the bullet when you think it’s all gone?
*Sleeping on silk pillow cases
*Should women with enlarged pores or acne scaring use light reflecting products? Is it really a no no????
*How much is too much when it comes to washing your face?
*When is the best time to shave your legs? Want to avoid razor burn?
*What blush color is most natural on you?
*How to apply makeup while preventing wrinkles
*Looking washed out? How to learn which colors suit your skin tone
*How to use brow wax to ease the application of dried out brow products
*Warming up foundations, concealers, lotions and other products
*Is a $70 face soap or mask any better than an ordinary bar of Dial, or Dove?
*When is your hair most prone to breakage?
Makeup is about what works for you. Not necessarily following trend. Wearing makeup is supposed to be fun. It’s about wearing what you feel makes your natural features pop, and makes you feel confident, comfortable, and even more beautiful than you already are. You can take care of your skin without spending $300 a month. Sometimes a bar of Cetaphil and a bottle of Olay will work better for you than an expensive regimen. Don’t put yourself through some of this, save yourself the trouble and find what works for you, no matter what it is, what season it is, what the cost of the product is. BE YOU! 🙂

Some products mentioned:
Burt’s Bees
Royal jelly capsules
Castor oil
Mario Badescu
Josie Maran
Anastasia Beverly Hills
Beauty Blender
Garnier charcoal face wash
Translucent powders (Nars, elf)

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