100 Natural Hair Care Tips: Part 1 (Tips 1 – 50)

100 Natural Hair Care Tips: Part 1 (Tips 1 – 50)

*PLEASE READ: The Shampooing tip mentioned where it was suggested you buy sulfate free products as they will likely still contain sulfates is only true for SOME product brands as they may contain milder/good sulfates. There are many brands labeled as being sulfate-free that actually do contain no sulfates*

This is Part 1 of 2 of the 100 Basic (Not So) Quick Natural Hair Care Tips video series! This video includes tips 1 – 50 that provide 10 tips per the 5 categories discussed: Prepooing, Shampooing, Protein Treatments, Deep Conditioning, and Oils! This is a great guide not only for aiding beginning naturals, but also to add to your knowledge bank as a seasoned curly!

The entire video series provides 10 tips per the 10 categories discussed across both videos – Prepooing, Shampooing, Protein Treatments, Deep Conditioning, Oils, Moisturizing, Breakage, Detangling, Trying New Products, and Flaming Sticks of Death!

Links to all those mentioned in the video (and then some)are below:

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100 NHC Tips: Part 2 (Tips 51 – 100):

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LOC Method Video –

LCO Method –

Cowashing –

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