10 Simple Tips to Get Better Curls!

10 Simple Tips to Get Better Curls!

*Products I have in my hair in this video:
Giovanni FrizzBGone Shampoo:
Giovanni FrizzBGone Conditioner:
Giovanni Taming Cream:

**Other great Moisturizing products:
Giovanni Ultra Moist Shampoo:
Giovanni Ultra Moist Conditioner:
Keracare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo:
Framesi Moisture Rich Masque:
Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter:
Ion Moisture Miracle leave in:

***My video on Protein/Moisture balance:

****Here are the tips listed in this video:
1. Moisture is everything, curls love moisture, so be sure to INVEST in quality moisturizing products. This isn’t said to make you ignore protein, because protein is important to the hair as well, but you’ll find that you need moisture more often. To discover more about protein/moisture balance, click here:

2) Frizz is fine, a certain amount of frizziness is normal and totally ok, don’t stress over a little bit of frizz, it comes with the territory. You’ll often get more compliments when your hair is a little frizzy.

3)Never go to bed on wet hair. Going to bed on wet curls is the easiest way to wake up with matted hair. It you must shampoo at night, put your hair in a few twists, braids, or a high loose bun/ ponytail. This prevents friction and helps keep your hair from matting up.

4. Pineapple your hair at night to maintain your wash and go or your twist outs

5. Focus your styling product at the mid-shaft and ends, as well as around the hairline. This way your hair looks defined, but still allows you to have more volume and lift.

6. For more voluminous hair, gently separate the ends of the hair, and pick out the roots. (Yes, like an old school pick.)

7. Sleep on satin or silk, not cotton. Your hair will thank you for it. Cotton is a thirsty fabric, and easily absorbs moisture, which leads to dry hair and eventual breakage.

8. If your ends are ALWAYS frizzy and knotting, you’re likely overdue for a trim; don’t go more than 3 months without getting those ends dusted.

9. If you wear color, be careful, bleaching and excessive lightening can loosen your curls and cause dryness and breakage.

10. Always detangle starting at the ends of the ends of the hair and work your way up. Ripping a brush through curls is not the business.

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